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Currently i am in genting..just sleep for few hour before that after a 9 hour cfa class..owhh, is super tired..cfa class gonna kill me, always feel like just back from hell after every session.sometimes feel like wth i taken cfa paper..persist on ur target kelv!!

back to topic, i am frustrate because i din bring my shoe and long pants to genting.i want gamble!!grr!!! however, meet the mlk fren^o^..we stil can talk on everything anything, i mean talk cock or talk abt girl, regardless how long we din stay under one roof. although i din spell out, they are my bff.

happyy cnyy  

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write a small journal before i head to bed. is tired today yet i din do much work nor study

sleeping make me feel more sleepy..gosh, i need some anti-sleepy pills. reliased those new year tv show make me more sleepy and make me moodless to study.damn, i need sleeppppppzzzz

feel more minute will be 2011 chinese new year. at here wish anybody a happy chinese new year. good luck in this year.

Starting point  

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today, feb 2, everything will start again. lotsa thing happened before this. pretty sad and angry with myself about tat. i trying to find ppl to talk but thats not one can understand my feeling. there are 2 happen in the past that push me to write the first post

i have a mentor, his name is HCY, a funny, rich , early-retired person.last week, he make fun on me, somehow make me feel so sad and angry about myself because of i am lack of knowledge in finance.but he doesnt know that he mess up my mood. i din blame him on that, just fucking blaming myself that i unable to compare my knowledge with those practical person. theory always nice but not in practical workplace. u will be a bloody dead meat tat let dozen of ppl laughing at u if u apply those theory into it.

secondly, is i got a fucking low mark in my mid term finance subject. i am not mind how many mark i get instead of i am wondering how stupid i am when answering those question.i try not to study right before the exam but this is not a great idea.finally, it turn out to be i can answer those question confidently but i got a fucking low mark.

I want to expand, expand my knowledge, nvr ever let ppl look down on me, nvr be a clown nor a fucking idiot.

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